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Footage of 'Cobra Kai' The Karate Kid Saga Continues Coming To YouTube Red Original Series

Godzilla 2 Already in the Works

The Thunder from Way Down Under is getting a sequel.

Story by: Matt Cummings

With box office numbers from Friday surpassing everyone's expectations, it was a no-brainer that Godzilla would dominate the weekend box office. Since then, it's done nothing short of breaking worldwide records for 2014 ($196m) and took in an impressive $14.1m in domestic IMAX receipts. As a matter of comparison, Roland Emmerich’s 1998 version grossed $55 million in its Memorial Day opening weekend, $136 million domestically, and $379 million overall. That's not bad numbers, but fans cringed at many elements of the plot and even at Godzilla (her)self. Thankfully, the studio passed on making a sequel, even though it cost only $130m to make.

And while we liked it (read our review), there hadn't been word from the studio whether we might see a sequel. That got answered on Sunday, when Deadline confirmed that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have approved a sequel. According to the report, it's the first time that an American-made Godzilla film has been given the go-ahead, which means we'll be seeing the giant reptile (read here for an official explanation of Godzilla's breed) smashing another city nar you.

There could be a number of hurdles that a sequel would have to overcome, namely the decision by Toho Company to lease out only the big guy for this movie and not Mothra, Rodan, or Ghidorah. For the franchise to move forward, the Americans need these beasts, and it's in Toho's best interests to have their products in American films. Another issue could be Director Gareth Edwards, who has yet to confirm whether he will return for the sequel. With 2010's Monsters and now Godzilla, Edwards has demonstrated that he can craft unique monster films that will either become cult favorites or box office blockbusters. Bringing him back should be a priority.

For now, let's celebrate the return of Godzilla to the big screen and let the studios work out the details.

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