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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Word’s End Review. Delivers Fantastic Comedy & Action

The Word’s End Review
By: Nicolas Souza

If you enjoy laughing at Simon Pegg jumping over fences and killing zombies in Shawn of the Dead or Nick Frost shooting two guns whilst jumping through the air in Hot Fuzz, then get your hangover cure ready to drink all the way to The World’s End.

Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgram versus the World) returns to the helm of this third, and final, entry of the “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy.” Front man Simon Pegg and his right hand man Nick Frost along with a lineup of actors from the previous two films are back. After surviving the zombie apocalypse and ending the threat of the murderous Neighborhood Watch Alliance, they are ready to drink the night away, until everything goes horribly wrong.

The World’s End introduces us to Gary King (Pegg). A down on his luck loser who is forever haunted by the one thing he never finished in his childhood, The Golden Mile; the task of having at least one pint at all twelve local pubs on the same night. Determined to accomplish this feat, he calls on his four best friends from high school. Together they return to their hometown to best the challenge that bested them so many years ago.

After the first few rounds things start to seem out of place in their childhood home. The group begins to notice that some of the townsfolk aren’t the same, and don’t recognize them. Once their world gets turned upside down after a meeting with a group of younger guys, the group must now find out what exactly is going on in the town they once called home.

Hilarious scenarios a plenty, coupled with fantastically shot and choreographed fight scenes, and more running jokes that started in Shawn of the Dead. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost deliver once more with their fantastic brand of English comedy and action. A must see for fans of the first two films. The World’s End is the drinking movie that has more to it than just getting annihilated at the pub.

The World’s End is rated R with a running time of 109 minutes, and opens everywhere on Friday August 23.

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