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Sunday, February 3, 2013

WARM BODIES Review By AprilFaithSpice. A Definite Must See

By: AprilFaithSpice

We were lucky enough to get a guest reviewer for WARM BODIES. Please welcome @aprilfaithspice from twilightish.com. The #1 Twilight site out there and good friends of ours over here at SandwichJohnFilms.

My husband and I had the chance to go to an early screening of the WARM BODIES, the new "Zom Rom Com" as people are affectionately referring to it as, that opens in theaters on Friday. This is the first of many book to movie adaptions that I have been patiently waiting for coming in 2013. I am a big reader, so this coming year is exciting for me!

The WARM BODIES is based off of Isaac Marions 2011 YA novel about "R" (who is not your typical Zombie) as he encounters and rescue's Julie (a human) from a Zombie attack and the aftermath of their relationship. I read the book shortly after it came out. I remember thinking that I would give it a try because I liked 'Twilight' so I might as well give Zombies a try. This was not the case. In all honestly I wasn't a huge fan of the book. That being said, the entire time I was reading I kept thinking to myself "This would make a really great movie!", I even remember making that remark to a friend. I finished the book and archived it in my nook, not to be touched again. Then last year, 2 good friends of mine were selected as zombie extra's for the movie filming up in Canada! I got really excited, this book was going to be made into a movie! I started paying attention to filming news and when I saw the first picture released of Nicholas Hoult as R, I knew that this was going to be good.

So let's get down to my review. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. When reading the book, I was not envisioning a comedy. At all. But believe me when I tell you, this movie is funny! The entire theater was cracking up! Laugh out Loud funny! It was endearing, You really find yourself caring for R. I was really impressed with how true to the book they stayed and that I still liked it. Nicholas Hoult was fantastic at developing his character. Teresa Palmer was a perfect Julie (I promise I won't talk about how much she reminded me of Kristen Stewart). Dave Franco plays the typical douche character that he is used to playing. Rob Corddry was awesome as R's best friend M. One of his line's is my favorite in the movie SPOILER "Bitches, Man".

John Malkovich was a great overprotective post apocalypse dad. Anleigh Tipton was great as the perfect supportive bff. I have to say this movie was really wonderfully cast! Which says a lot coming from me, I'm picky about movie casting (aka Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in the Hunger Games)

I would have to say this is a definite must see! It is not your typical "zombie" movie. It's for everyone... even if you think it's not for you, give it a chance! I would like to share what my husband commented on my instagram about it last night, this mean's a lot coming from him since he usually just lets me drag him along to movie's just for the sake of being with me. "I thought for sure that it wasn't for me. And I found that the movie was really funny, quirky, and entertaining" Warm Bodies open's in theaters Friday February 1st 2013. 

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