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Monday, January 14, 2013

A HAUNTED HOUSE Review. Film Is Down Hill


So RAMA made it through the entire to film to write this review.

People who show up in the Wayans Brothers’ movies are more or less similar to those who show up in Adam Sandler’s movies, meaning they all should thank Wayans and Sandler are still around to keep them employed and at work. A HAUNTED HOUSE is another spoof by Marlon Wayans who with his family brought us the SCARY MOVIE franchise, at least the first two that were actually funny. A HAUNTED HOUSE unfortunately was only funny the first 30 minutes and the rest goes downhill from there on…

In an outrageous send up of the Paranormal Activity movies, The Devil Inside and other “found footage” movies, A HAUNTED HOUSE features young couple Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) who have just moved in to their dream house. As they settle in, they quickly find they’re not alone. But it’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s Malcolm’s girlfriend who is possessed by a demon. Malcolm hires everyone from a priest to modern day ghostbusters to rid her of this unwelcome intruder, determined not to let the evil spirit ruin his relationship… or, more importantly, his sex life.

Making fun of Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside this time around and I’m glad because those two do deserve to be made fun of. Marlon Wayans, his scripting partner Rick Alvarez and the newly feature director Mike Tiddes created a couple, played by Marlon and Essence Atkins, who will have to go through possessions, exorcisms, while endlessly arguing a priest, a horny psychic and two ghost hunters. It’s not Wayans movies if it’s not R-rated and raunchy, packed with excessive sex and ass jokes, all of a sudden; the excessive use of N-word in DJANGO UNCHAINED seems tame by comparison.

As I said earlier, this is one of those comedies that have lots of energy coming in, but after 30 minutes, it falls apart and the jokes become anything but funny, it may be silly and cheesy and confusing but it’s not funny and you’re left just begging for the movie to be over already.

All I can say is thank goodness Cedric The Entertainer showed up halfway through to get us chucklin’ again but even he can’t save this movie from drowning in its own vomit.

You can only take so much of Marlon’s screaming like a little girl.

GRADE: 2 out of 5

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