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Movie Review: Tully

MAGIC MIKE Review By:Ursula What Do The Ladies Think?


Now let's get a woman point of view about the film.

MAGIC MIKE Review By: MattInRC Is It Only For The Ladies?-

For years, ladies have had to endure the exhibition of naked women on the big screen. We have seen them standing around in brothels, as well as crawling half naked and spinning around poles. Finally women have their own steamy movie to ogle over some piping hot buttery popcorn! This is a movie full of glistening muscles, sexy smiles, and naughty dance moves. The eye candy and hypnotic male splendor is exhilarating! Most of the male review shows (stripper dance numbers) are highly engaging in MAGIC MIKE. The shows come across a little bit stiff (due to some silly props) in the beginning then begin to kick into high gear. There are dance acts including fire men (my personal favorite, Joe Manganiello, from True Blood), rappers, snipers, army officers, and construction workers. There are plenty of rock hard abs and firm butt cheeks. So ladies get your tickets early because the male review show is about to begin! I can guarantee that the lines will be long. I know you probably don’t care too much about the acting; you just want those sexy men to bring it! Let me tell you, they will! You may want to get an extra large soda too, because it will get hot up in there!! Significant others should be forewarned. Your woman will be excited when she gets home.

The first scene opens up with Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), wearing a cowboy hat, chaps (later to be completely removed to only a G-string) and a leather vest, with a chiseled and ripped rock hard body. Then, BAM!!!! Next ….Channing Tatum’s bear bum getting up from a romp in the sack (two women) and heading for the little boys room (complete backside view)……….

So yes, this movie displays all kinds of male goodness. It will make any lady excited, and giddy as a German in a sausage shop. There are a few bare breasted women as well (showing some kindness to the men that get dragged to see it). Channing Tatum was an especially talented dancer. His dancing performances were by far some of my favorite tantalizing scenes. His performances were loosely based on his own experiences. He really does steal the spotlight with his popping and locking. He is smooth, strong, sleek and delicious! When this comes out on blue ray I think I may have to watch his dance scenes several times over. His ability to capture his audience through dance was hypnotizing! I think I may be blushing just writing about it.

Dallas (McConaughey) is the ring leader, the owner of the Tampa club Xquisite! He is wild, crazy, and really knows how to get a bunch of excited ladies to go bonkers. He wants their money and knows how to get them to throw it. He gets them to yelp, scream and holler! He has no inhibitions and is perfect for this part. He brings all of the stardom to the stage. He can carry that sexy and wild lead role like no else could have. He was fun, naughty, and dares you to enjoy it! He is all about the bottom dollar, and has his sights set high to open a club in Miami.

Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) takes a young 19 year old boy, Adam, under his wing and exposes him to the ways of stripper life: partying hard, hot women, money, and the stage. He is generous with Adam (Alex Pettyfer, who looks a lot like Jude Law) and treats him like a little brother. Adam makes some unwise decisions and gets in harm’s way several times (even when warned). Unfortunately, Mike is not always there to protect him. Adam’s sister, Paige (Cody Horn) is a grounded medical assistant. She does not approve nor is she impressed with “Magic Mike”. She attempts to make Mike accountable to her, by insisting that he watch out for her little brother. Adam seems pretty clueless most of the time (typical 19yr old). Paige’s aloofness becomes a super challenge for Mike. He is used to women throwing themselves at him. While he has hot booty calls, they soon fall short of the depth he craves to have more of in his life. Once he gets a taste of Paige’s grounded and un-jaded ways, he is hooked. It is sort of a typical love story in that every man needs a woman that makes him want to be a better man. Every woman needs a man that will prove he is worth her precious time. His real dream is to make one –of –a-kind furniture. This dream comes off as far-fetched, while he gets rejected at every corner to make things happen. He finds himself compromised and unhappy.

The exposure to the lifestyle of sex, drugs and male stripping to a young 19yr old underage boy is hardly believable. He is not legal to even be in the club let alone dance there. This reality gets tossed aside rather quickly when he gets thrown out to a screaming crowd of women and somehow wow’s them with his innocence. They could have made it out to be a lot worse. Adam does not have a lot of depth. He gets caught up in everything he should not. Drugs suck him in and he gets caught up in the worst parts of a stripper lifestyle. He is sneaky and dumb. He never quite has anything to say of any value. They should have directed the acting of his character and given it more depth. I felt that for the role he played he should have held a stronger presence. His only saving grace is his pretty face.

The dialogue is left to Mike and Paige. If you are expecting to see a lot of speaking parts from the supporting actors, such as Ken (Matt Bomer from White Collar) and Big Dick Richie (Joe Maganiello from True Blood), you will be disappointed. They only have a few lines here and there and are basically featured as stage performers. Steven Soderbergh (Director) simply brought them on board to be hot, look hot, and dance hot! They do not however disappoint on stage. Some of the numbers are a little bit too uptight and short of smiles. I did not care for the umbrella number in the beginning. However, there are others that are quite delicious, naughty, even saucy.

The movie was a project of Channing Tatum's, based roughly on his experiences of being a male stripper in Tampa, Florida when he was 19years old. He was one of the producers and had a huge part in all of the performances. He carried the star role amazingly and brought a lot of depth to the character of “Magic Mike”. He was a guy trying to live out his dream and make his “real” career happen, while getting caught up in living the high life.

Mike goes through a metamorphosis of sorts and comes out broken in character and somehow saved by Paige in the end. He finds himself not fitting in to the stripper lifestyle after being burned financially and feeling like he may be selling himself short. He goes through all the hard knocks he needs to get his head on straight. I can’t say the same for little Adam. However one could only hope.

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