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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PROJECT X Movie Review By: RAMA

PROJECT X Movie Review

Was RAMA hoping to relive his high school days after watching PROJECT X? Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Wow! Congratulations to Todd Phillips, he has produced the wildest party movie I’ve ever seen. Forget Old School, forget Animal House, forget Superbad and The Hangover, because PROJECT X takes the cake. Everything imaginable that could happen in a house party, happens in PROJECT X, from the basics like raging teen hormones and drinking games to the most outrageous like flamethrower and a midget punching dicks. Leave your analytical brains in the car, go watch PROJECT X and enjoy the party that you wish you could’ve had when you were young..

Three seemingly anonymous high school seniors attempt to finally make a name for themselves. Their idea is innocent enough: let’s throw a party that no one will forget… but nothing could prepare them for this party. Word spreads …

PROJECT X is the wildest party movie but it’s not the perfect party movie, the plot is too thin, and the characters are generic, you have the instigator, basically the one who pushes the idea and wouldn’t shut up about it, you have the overweight, hopeless one, and then there’s one who eventually becomes the center of attention, they’re all losers by high school popularity standard and they’re all horny, they throw a party and the rest is basically one ludicrous act after another, it’s as if director Nima Nourizadeh and screenwriters Matt Drake and Michael Bacall got together on a Saturday night, observed every little viral party incident online, compiled them and turned them into PROJECT X, I swear there are moments in this movie that even seem like they’re just badly wanting to go softcore porn.

And somewhere within all that, they insert a cute romantic situation and friendship themes, but they take back seat to all the madness that’s going on.

PROJECT X is done found-footage style but it’s not as faithful to the method as Paranormal Activity or Chronicle were.

Is PROJECT X a funny comedy? nope, it may be wild but it’s not funny enough. I’m sure Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow would have a great laugh because this is their brand of humor, but let’s face it, many R-rated comedies in recent years just weren’t funny. Your Highness, Get Him To The Greek, to name a few because all those movies and PROJECT X have as far as comedy’s concerned are just crude, raunchy sex humor, nudity, how many F-bombs you can drop and dogs humping, like we haven’t seen that before.

But the magnitude and the extremes that PROJECT X was ballsy enough to take itself to, is worth watching. How do you survive such a night?! And just when you think it can’t get any more insane, it can!

GRADE: 4 out of 5

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