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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Art of Getting By Movie Review By: SandwichJohn

The Art of Getting By Movie Review
By: SandwichJohn

I was able to attend an advance screening of this film earlier this week and going into the film I wasn't expecting much. Didn't really know a whole lot about the movie other than Charlie (Freddie Highmore) from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was in the film, and Emma Roberts was also starring in the film.

I was pleasantly surprised by the film and the performance that Freddie Highmore pulled off. The movie itself had that independent film feel to it, camera moving in motion with the actors and just a gritty feel to it. I could have seen this film come out the same time as the classic 80's film like Some Kind Of Wonderful and Less Than Zero. But not up to the same level as the previous films mentioned.

The story is a coming of age film that we all have seen before. A teenager slacker with no life ambitions or goals in life. Until he meets the girl of his dreams and then everything is game.

Freddie Highmore portrays the character George, a high school senior who has become the schools resident slacker with no goals in life. During the whole story you wonder what made him this way. Futher into the film we find out more about what has lead him down this road.

George is near the end of the rope at school and may not graduate. We do get a glimpse at George drawing in class when he should be paying attention to his teachers. And he has talent. By chance George is at the right place and right time when Sally (Emma Roberts) needs his help and George covers for her. Sally is your typical high school princess with plenty of friends and gets invites to all the cool parties, but there is something about George that draws her to him. Once they build this friendship it is obvious that George starts to have feelings for Sally, who wouldn't. The prom queen wants to be friends with the frog.

George is your typical teenager in most ways, a good kid but does have his outbursts towards his family (Rita Wilson and Sam Robards), which is in need of some counseling.

Another actor who proves he's come into his own with this film is Michael Angarano (Sky High) who plays Dustin, an artist that becomes a mentor to George.  From the first day they meet at the high school's career day they form this unique bond. In the film your not sure if Dustin is out for himself or a true friend to George.

There were defiantly parts in the film that made you scratch you head, like how can an 18 year be in a bar and order a drink and no one card them? Or when they attend a party at a night club and they are popping bottles of champagne. If you can get away with this in New York I wish I would have known this while I was in high school.

The ending of the film is pretty predictable, but for a coming of age film this one holds up on it's own.

6 Sandwiches & a bag of chips for this film.

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