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Monday, March 14, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Review By: SandwichJohn

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Review
By: SandwichJohn

Going into the film I really didn't know much about it other than what I had seen in the trailers and what I know of the urban legend of the Battle of Los Angeles.

The one thing I have to warn you about is the shaky camera work that is used in the film. So you have been warned.

From the start of this movie I knew I was going to enjoy it. Once all the trailers are done being shown, the film starts and we are right in the Battle. We see that some kind of strange force has been taking over the world and their last stop on the ride is Los Angles.

We are introduced to U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz played by Aaron Eckhart. The Staff Sergeant planned on turning in his paper after serving his 20 for his county. Only if life was perfect. In the background on the TV you can see the damage this strange force is causing the world. He is called back into duty with his new new platoon from Echo Company, 2nd battalion, 5th Marine regiment.

Staff Sergeant has some demons that come with going to war. He had an incident when he was leading his platoon in Iraq and when the men in his new platoon heard he was joining them the talking began. This hits home with Corporal Jason Lockett, played by Cory Hardrict, whose brother was killed in Iraq with Staff Sergeant Nantz and blames him for getting his brother killed.

We then meet the fresh faced Platoon Commander, 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez played by Ramón Rodríguez (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). Their mission is to save the 5 civilians who are held up in a police station. They have three hours to rescue the civilians before the Air Force bombs the entire area and levels LA.

While making their way to the police station we get our first look at the aliens and we get some of the most intense action I have seen in a film in awhile. When I say Action I mean it. You get hand-to-hand, heart-pounding, firsthand experience.

Once at the station we meet the 5 civilians, two of which are played by Michael Pena & Bridget Moynahan. Pena's character is heart of the story and soul of the film. Moynahan is getting her real first taste of a big budget film. Also we are introduced to Air Force intelligence Technical Sergeant Elena Santos played by none other then bad ass Michelle Rodriguez. When the helicopter arrives after some intense battles it can only take the wounded Marines, and has no room for anyone else. As it takes off it is destroyed by the aliens.

At this point fresh faced Martinez is breaking down and feels like he is losing control. Nantz reassures him that this is what war is like, you will loose men, and not to regret his actions. And that they need to get to the FOB (Forward Operating Base) before they bomb this entire area to hell.

During all this they were able to capture one of the aliens that has been shot. What do they do with the alien? Start trying to learn how to kill it or just find a weakness. This is one part that Paco pointed out that he like about the alien characters, that they were vulnerable to being killed and not made of material that would be indestructible.

The next scene I will not spoil for you other than the gas station scene was BALLSY! And Pena's character earns the respect f the Marines in the upcoming scene that I will not spoil.

Once they make their way outside the bombing zone, they rest and find shelter in a convenience store and learn from watch the news that the aliens are after our water source. They wait and wait and the bombs do not go off. They make their way to the FOB to find out that it has been destroyed and that is the reason the bombing never happened.

They realize that they need to get to a new extraction point, where a helicopter should be available to evacuate them. Lockett and the rest of the platoon questions Nantz's ability to command. Nantz tells Lockett and the rest of the team what happened in Iraq and how he is still suffering from the incident to this day.

The team takes what it can with them to the new extraction point. Once they reach the extraction point they notice that there is a large area that is blacked out and all the power is off. Nantz believes this may be the alien command center. And like any leader he decides he needs to investigate this area. Like any good leader his team follows.

Once they work their way underground they come into a huge alien presence and locate the command center. This is where the action kicks up to a whole another level. We all know the good guys win in the end.

Once they reach the temporary base in the Desert, they are greeted with a heroes welcome. And by discovering the weakness of the aliens the word is passed to all the other cities being attacked.

Forces are being sent back into LA to clean up the mess, and despite their orders 2nd battalion, 5th Marine regiment rejoin the fight. Ooh-rah

7.5 out of 10 sandwiches

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