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Comic-Con After Parties And Events

Comic-Con After Parties And Events

Don't know what do with yourself once the Convention center is closed?  Don't you worry we have a few ideas for you.

Casbah Concerts – This venue has been a home for some of the most popular underground music since it opened in 1989. Having a new band play nightly means that you can head over any day during the convention and see a new act. The bands preforming during the con are Maps and Atlases (Wed), MC Lars (Thu), The Loons (Fri), and Boris (Sat). The MC Lars show is even a special “Comic-con showcase” and cos-play is welcome. Get more info and buy tickets here

National Cartoonist Society and Southern California Cartoonist Society Party - Buster’s Beach House Restaurant is holding this gathering that includes some of San Diego’s leading cartoonists. You can eat, drink, and converse with the cartoonists. Tickets are $15 and the restaurant is only a five minute walk from the convention center. More details are here.

HELP! The Beatles Tribute Band - July 23rd – This outdoor concert includes light refreshments and raffle tickets for prizes in addition to the performance. You can hear music from one of the most famous bands of all time played in a relaxing outdoor setting and there is no price for admission (only $1 per raffle ticket). More details here.

NPCA Concert at Bird Park – The ”Cathryn Beeks Ordeal” band will perform country folk & rock music in Bird Park. You can enjoy the music, eat, and relax at this free concert. More information is located here and you can listen to the band here.

San Diego Zombie Walk – July 24th – The Zombie Walk returns to SDCC for another fun and free event. All ages are welcome and you don’t even have to be attending Comic-Con to join in. I was part of the Zombie Walk last year and it’s a lot of fun as tons of people get awesome Zombie face-paint and travel the streets of San Diego in a giant pack. More details are here.

Zombie Walk After-Party – July 24th – Right after the Walk, people that are 21+ can go to the Quality Social club to party, eat, and enter some great contests. Also, a portion of the bar sales will benefit Donate Life California (California’s organ donation registry). More details are here at the bottom of the page.

Centre City Slam (NWA Pro: Mach One Wrestling) – July 24th – M1 wrestiling is putting on this special event that’s a fundraiser for the YMCA. Any wrestling fan should definitely head to this as former WWE standouts Shelton Benjamin and Paul London, and current TNA star Brian Kendrick will be in attendance. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children. More details are here.

X-Sanguin 9 Fail-Safe Party – July 24th – This huge zombie/fallout themed bash includes a dance floor, 3 DJ’s, and the chance to explore San Diego’s catacombs if you purchase VIP tickets. Buy tickets here and read more about it here. 21+

The League of Temporal Adventures First Society Gala - July 24th – Bands, drinks, and steampunk-infused happenings fill up this all-night bash. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door so purchase them here if you plan to attend. More info, including special guests, is located here.

City of Heroes Party – July 23rd – The makers of the hit PC game City of Heroes are in town for their SDCC panel and are throwing a party at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday night. There will be raffles and refreshments. Get more info and learn how to RSVP here. 21+

Marked Men Party – July 23rd – This pirate-themed event takes place on a full-size pirate ship replica and looks like a must attend for any pirate fan. Tickets are here and range from $30-50. More information, including photos from previous events, can be found here.

The Comic-Con Mystery Show – July 24th – The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show puts on this special SDCC themed production that includes a full four-course meal and show. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased here. More info is here.
Adam Carolla Stand Up Show – July 24th – This comedy veteran comes to San Diego for one 9 PM stand up set on the Saturday during the converntion. Tickets are available here and range from $27 to $37. The show is 21+. (Thanks to Atrimus)

San Diego Zoo (Nighttime Zoo) – All Through July – Attendees searching for somewhere to go during the afternoon or night can head over to the zoo and check out the wide array of animals and things to do during the Nighttime Zoo program. Activities, shows, and music all run from 3 PM to 9 PM. Get tickets here and more information is here.

Dinosaurs (San Diego Natural History Museum) – All Through July – Any dino fans will want to head over and check out the Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries exhibit. You can also catch the Dinosaurs Alive 3D IMAX movie while you’re there. Tickets here, exhibit info here, and movie info here.

Sea World (Summer Nights) – All Through July – An aquarium mixed with a theme park could be the perfect destination for any families or attendees looking to get away from the Con for a day or night and have a good time. Luckily for those attending SDCC all day, the park is open well into the night during the summer. Buy tickets here and visit the park’s site here.

Heroes: Mortals & Myths in Ancient Greece (San Diego Museum of Art) - All Through July – Attendees with an interest in Ancient Myths and Warriors might want to take a trip to the Museum of Art in Balboa Park to check out this exhibit. See pictures of some items on display and get more information here.
Harvey – July 22-25th – Before it became a classic film, Harvey was a Broadway hit and now it is playing in San Diego. SDCC attendees can see it at Lamb Players Theater during the first few nights of the convention. Tickets range from $28-38 and can be purchased here. Get more info here.

Patton Oswalt Stand Up Show - July 23rd – Patton Oswalt is both a geek hero and a hilarious comedien. In town for SDCC, the San Diego House of Blues is hosting his stand up show on Friday the 23rd. Tickets for the 8:00 show are here and tickets for the 10:30 are here. 21+

Joel McHale Stand Up Show – July 23rd – In San Diego for the Community panel, McHale will preform two stand up shows at Humphreys Concerts By the Bay. Tickets are available here for both the 6:30 and 9:00 shows. Any fan of McHale’s E! show The Soup should know to expect sarcastic and witty humor from this burgeoning comedian.

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy – July 22nd – The San Diego Symphony will be putting on this concert with music taken from all thirteen FF games. Expect scores ranging from epic to heartwarming in this special Summer Pops event. Tickets range from $25-100 and can be bought here. More details, including parking, can be found here.

w00tstock – July 22nd – This event combines a concert, comedy show, and overall geeky stuff into one awesome event. Though ticket prices are still TBA, w00tstock 2.4 has been scheduled for 7:30 on the 22nd in San Diego (21+). Regular hosts Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG), and Paul and Storm (Singer/Songwriters) are to be expected but will all the Geek idols attending the con mean tons of special guests? I’d bet on it. Visit the event’s site to learn about past w00tstocks and get more details about the SDCC one here. (Thanks to Michelle for info on the date)
UPDATE: Buy your tickets here before they are gone! 

The Tweet House – July 23rd – The massive USS Midway will be holding this event that includes both panels about harnessing Social Media and a huge party. Video mash-up artist Mike Relm will be DJing the event and celebrities such as Levar Burton, Tyrese Gibson, and Brent Spiner are scheduled to attend the party. Tickets are on sale now here for $25 dollars. Find out more on the event’s site
Video Games Live – July 24th – Ever wanted to hear all your favorite video game music played by a massive orchestra? This concert series has been traveling around the country blowing people away with amazing renditions of everything from Zelda to Halo. The tickets range from $25 to $75 and though this might seem high, the show is sure to be one of the biggest offsite events of the con. Read more details on the event here, check out the official site here, and buy tickets here

Geek Girls & Friends Tweet-Up - July 23rd – The popular site Geek Girls Network hosts this event at the Jolt N’ Joes in the Gaslamp District (the area across the street from the convention center). You can converse, meet the GGN staff, and party. The event is 21+ and people wanting to attend should RSVP here. Check out the post about it here for more details.

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